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·       We are ACADIANA's  only dedicated Whole Body Vibrations studio – offering a discreet and friendly approach to training for those who want to work out away from the prying eyes of the gym.

·       Small Group (max 6 clients) and 1:1 or DUO Personal Training, using a vast array of training equipment including Free Weights, Kettlebells, Hypervibe, TRX, Viprs, Balance Boards, Resistance bands and much more… 

·       A Seasoned Certified Personal Trainer here to motivate, encourage, push, torture and get YOU the results you want!    

·       Body Composition Analysis and Nutritional advice.Compass Bio Nutritional Analysis utilizes advanced technology known as galvanic skin response (GSR) which is a well established technology (think lie-detectors) that measures the fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin as the body responds to various stimuli.